A Tribute To Hello Dolly

Our wonderful Dolly passed away on April 17, 2017.  After we sold our trailer, our trips with her were close to home, fishing along the Colorado River.  She enjoyed riding on our motorcycle and in her basket on Bill's bike.  She developed congestive heart failure two years ago, and our vet, Dr. Laura Millikan took great care of her. 

A Tribute To Daisy

Our precious Daisy has passed away. She has been with us for over 15 1/2 years. Read more about her in our tribute to Daisy, and how she battled an illness for over 2 1/2 years. 

A Tribute To Lady II

Lady II was with us during our working career and was the most traveled pet going from Alaska to Mexico.  After we retired she was able to be with us as we started on our Grand Tour Trip.  Unfortuntualy she passed away in Montana from Pancreatic cancer.  You will see many photos of her during our travels. 

A Tribute To Lady I

Lady I was our first pet, she followed us on all of our trips made along the Western States and even our first trip to Mexico.  From fishing to hunting to snow and water skiing she was there with us.  You will see many photos of her during our travels.

Meet The New Owners Of Our Silver Streak Trailer

We have sold our Silver Streak Trailer. We wanted to keep the information and pictures of what we have done to our "one of a kind" trailer over the last 23 years for you to read about, and to meet the new owners of our trailer and to read more about our trailer. 

We Sold Our 1979 Classic-Custom Ford F-350 Larite Camper Special Truck With A 1980 Custom Built Camper With A Edie Automatic Boat Loader

We sold our one-of-a-kind Custom Made Camper designed by us with an Edie Boat Loader that we used for our 15 foot Gregor Car Top Boat.  The camper is mounted on our 1979 Classic-Custom Ford F-350 Larite Camper Special Truck that has many special features.

We Sold Our Boat

We have sold our Gregor boat but wanted to keep our photos and information about all of the things that our boat had so that other will see what they can do to their aluminum boats.  To read more about our boat and see more photos, Click here or on my paw print. 

We Sold Our Collection Of Vintage Fishing Tackle

If you have read our stories and the places that we have traveled to you probably know that we fished all over the country including Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

You have also seen on our website that we sold our travel trailer, our boat, and our truck/camper in the last several years.  Our travels and our fishing trips have come to a halt and so now it is time to sell our collection of over 60 years of fishing tackle.  We have fished in the ocean, surf fished many areas, fished many lakes, and streams for trout, salmon, walleye, crappie, bass, and everything else that we could either troll for or cast a line to get fish to eat. 

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