If you have read our stories and the places that we have traveled to you probably know that we fished all over the country including Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

You have also seen on our website that we sold our travel trailer, our boat, and our truck/camper in the last several years.  Our travels and our fishing trips have come to a halt and so now it is time to sell our collection of over 60 years of fishing tackle.

We have fished in the ocean, surf fished many areas, fished many lakes, and streams for trout, salmon, walleye, crappie, bass, and everything else that we could either troll for or cast a line to get fish to eat.

So below you will see many photos of all our tackle, we have researched the value of our tackle from going to the library to read about vintage lures, rods, and reels.  We were surprised that in going through over eight tackle boxes and boxes of tackle that we bought to have extra of our favor lures that we have many old vintage tackle.  

We spent almost a year going through all of our tackle and wanted to have everything organized so that we could sell it.  While we advertised in our local papers, many people just wanted to buy a few items and so now we have decided to sell all of our collection at one price.


Fishing Rods

Daiwa Surf Rod -13’, 3 piece, tubular glass construction, model number 621-39A, 3.90Mx3, excellent condition.

Custom Made Surf Rod - 12’, 2 piece with a medium tip and a softer tip, very good condition. Vintage Garcia Conolon - 10 feet, 2 piece with medium action and fast taper, model number 2553C, good condition.

Truline Dynamo - 7’6,” 2 piece with 9 guides, model number M-100-7, good condition.

Truline Dynamo - 7’6,” 2 piece, model number L-100-2, very good condition.

Truline - 7’, 1 piece, trolling, or bait casting, good condition.

Trolling or Surf Rods - no identification label, have three rods, two are 7’6,” and a 7’ rod, all are 2 piece rods, and all are fair to good condition.

Deep Sea Trolling Rods:

Genuine Tonkin Bamboo 6’6,” 1 piece, good condition.

Montague Bamboo Genuine Tonkin 6’6,” 1 piece, good condition.

Black Trolling Rod, name has worn off, 6’6,” 1 piece, good condition.

Berkeley Tri-Sport - 7’6,” 1 piece, model number T105, made in the USA, very good condition.

Vintage Roddy Buda Head Special (fbso), 7’, 2 piece, model number BH1-2, genuine epoxy glass, made in the USA, very good condition.

Roddy 7’6,” 2 piece, model number BR-7’6,” genuine epoxy glass, carboloy, made in the USA, very good condition.

Roddy Hunter - have 2 rods, 4 feet, 2 piece, excellent condition.

Roddy - 3’6,” 1 piece, excellent condition.

Sengsun - 7 feet graphite premiere, 2 piece, have 2 rods, medium action, model number FW-2S70M, excellent condition.

Sengsun - 6’6” graphite premiere, 2 piece, have 2 rods, light action, model number FW2S66L, excellent condition.

Pflueger - 6’6,” model number 515SP, excellent condition.

Berkeley Tri-Sport - 6’6,” 2 piece, model number T32, excellent condition.

Pflueger Graphite - 6’6,” 2 piece, have 2 rods, model number GSP66, very good condition.

Shakespeare - 6’, 1 piece, have 2 rods, good condition.

Spinning Rods - no identification label, 6’, 2 piece, have 3 rods, good condition.

Spinning Rods - no identification label, 5’, 2 piece, have 2 rods, good condition.

Berkeley Cherrywood Graphite - 5’, 1 piece, have 2 rods, excellent condition.

Action Rod - 5’, light action, very good condition.

Blank - 5’, for rod making.

Note: We have many canvas rod bags that go with these rods.

Fly Rods

Fenwick Feralite - 8’, 2 piece, model number FF806, excellent condition.

South Bend - 9’, 2 tips, excellent condition.

Vintage Rare John Harrington Fly Rod - model number 8001, made in Venice, CA., since 1945, very good condition.

Unmarked Split Bamboo - 9’, this is in a Heddon bag, but can’t find any identification on rod, 3 piece with 2 tips, excellent condition.

Garcia Conolon 4 star - 8’6,” fast taper, 1960’s, excellent condition.

Tigerglass Fly Rod - 9’, 2 piece, made in San Luco, San Diego, very good condition.

Montague Fishkill - 9’, 3 piece with 2 tips, split bamboo, rated one of the top five fly rods, excellent condition.  This is a rare fine, the rod is in a metal tube dated May 15, 1931.

A miscellaneous fly rod tip and a separate handle, these pieces do not match.

Bristol Cardboard Tube - for fly rods, fair condition.

Penn Reels

We have used the larger Penn reels for saltwater and the smaller ones for fresh water.  All have monofilament line, Dacron line, or leaded line.  The condition is from good too very good; they were maintained.

Penn Senator 4/0 - with black handle.

Penn Long Beach - have 2, model number is 68, with tan handle.

Penn Long Beach - have 1, model number is 66, with green handle.

Penn Long Beach - have 1, model number is 259, with red handle.

Penn Surfmaster - have 1, model number is 200, with red handle.

Penn Ocean City - have 1, model number is 112, with white handle.

Penn Sailfisher - have 1, model number is 130, with tan handle.

Penn Monofil - have 2, model number is 26, one green handle, one tan handle.

Penn Peer - have 2, model number is 109, one green handle, one tan handle.

Penn Jigmaster - have 2, model number is 500, one red handle, one tan handle.

Note: Most all of these come with a canvas reel bag, and we have many extra metal and plastic spools that fits the above reels.

     Fly Reels

The fly reels are in good condition, and they have canvas bags, and an extra spool.

South Bend Oren-O-Matic - have 2, model number 1140, with fly line.

Pflueger Gem - have 1, model number 2094, with fly line.

Pflueger Metalist - have 1, model number 1495, with fly line, with extra spool

Spinning Reels

We have used these reels for saltwater and fresh water fishing, most are in fair to average condition, we have canvas bags for most of the reels, and extra spools.

Garcia Mitchell - have 7 reels, model number 300, with 17 extra spools. Some of these reels need to be cleaned and oiled, but all work.

Garcia Mitchell - have 2 reels, model number 302, with 2 extra spools. These are in good working condition, and we used them mainly for fly fishing when we did not use our fly rods.

RU Pacific - have 1, made in France, with an extra spool, we used this for surf fishing.

Penn Peerless - have 2, model number 109, with a metal and plastic spool, we used these for surf fishing.

Carise Centaure - have 1, spinning reel, made in France.

Vintage Revelation - have 1, model number V1472.

Note: We have canvas bags for most of these reels, and new plastic and metal spools, model number 250-259-500 for the spools.

Several Vintage Garcia Mitchell manuals.

Vintage Hand Tied Flies, Fly Tying Kit, Thread, And More

With over 50 years of fly fishing from Alaska, through the western states and, back east we started to sort all of our flies.  We took out our flies in our fly vests and sorted through our tackle boxes we were amazed at how many wet and dry flies, hand tied flies, streamer flies, and wooden fly plugs that we have.  As we tried to sort these out and put an assortment in plastic boxes to sell we counted what we had.

Below is a listing to the best of our knowledge about what we have.

As we did our research we found that these are a vintage item called:  Worth Fly Rod Plugs - Red and White, dated 1947, model number 707.  These were a special vintage item that we found in a box, we can’t remember if we even fished with these plugs but we found 11 red and white plugs on the original card, along with five that are not mounted on the cards.

We have counted in all of the boxes, 589 flies, some are wet or dry flies, some are hand tied, and some are machine tied, some we got in Yellowstone National Park, and others from all over the country. We have other vintage flies, bug flies, small trout poppers to list a few.

We even found two hand tied crickets that when we researched these, an auction house sold these from the Bob Hope estates.  We never used these and so they are in excellent condition.

We have five rare vintage Herter’s flies made in England in the original packaging material sealed and never opened.

We have two wooden boxes made in Tokyo, Japan with over 97 flies in them.  Also, we have two aluminum fly cases, one made by Perrine.

We have a Vintage 1946 - Tack-L-Tyler Fly Tying Kit from Evanston, ILL.  This company made these from the 1930’s and sold these for over four decades.

We have a Vintage Herter’s Fly Tying Vice.

From the photos, you will see yarn, thread, and leader material, such as Pacific fly quintuplets leader, we have 21 new in packages, and 20 tapered leader in packages.

Vintage Lures

We got most of this information from Vintage Fishing Tackle books at the library, and going online to vintage websites, and many other places to determine our value.  Listed below under Vintage Lures is a small list of the most popular lures that we have.

South Bend Oreno #973, wood, used.

Heddon Tiny Punkinseed, new.

Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker, silver and natural scale, good condition.

Heddon New Lucky 13, have 2.

Heddon 1948 Sonar model number 432, have 2.

Heddon Zara Spook - 4” long, have 2, new.

Heddon Tiny River Runt Golden Eye - have 3, good condition.

Heddon Bass Plug Spooks, have 2, very good condition.

Heddon Super Sonic, have 23.

Creek Chub Deep Diving Jointed Pike - New in box, model number 260100.

Creek Chub - New Surfster in box, model number 7230.

Creek Chub - Pike, wood, good condition.

Creek Chub - New in original box, Deep Diving Jointed Pikie, model 260100.

Rapala Fat Rap, two new in box with instructions, model number 557-SFC, rare chartreuse color.

Martin Fishing Lure Co., Seattle, WA, wooden glass eye lure, red and white.

Vintage Spinno Minnow - 1950’s, fair condition, needs to be cleaned.

Dandy Lurers - By Florida Tackle Co., one new in box, and many used, but still in fair condition.

Husky Cisco Kid - New 8” long in box by Wallsten Co. 1955.

Buckeye Bait Company, Ohio, have 1 rare Bug-n-Bass mad minnow that has the chevron on each side to represent a mouth.

Florida Tackle Company, have a new lure in a box dated 1940’s, and 10 used.

Florida Tackle Company,  Barracuda, model 202 Super Dude, have 4 new and 3 large slightly used.

Arrowhead Spinner, rare 1941 by C.W. Lane Mfg., Co., N.Y., have 1 red and white.

Vintage Hildebrandt’s Fin Blades in original paper package,  have 4 new, and have 7 other fin blades.

Vintage Mepps Spinners, British French Pat on lures, have 12.

Mepps Aglia Spinners, have 24.

Hico Lure, wood, have 4.

Eddie Pope Hot Shot, have 5 or more.

Fred Arbogast, Hawaiian Wigglers.

Fred Arbogast Hula Poppers.

Fred Arbogast Jitterbugs.

Super Duper, have many.

1960's Buck Spoon Plugs, have 8, some new in box.

Weller Gypsy Spoons on cards, have many.

Vintage Hand Made Spinner Flies.

Other Fishing Lures And Vintage Lures

We have hundreds of lures from bass, crappie, walleye, trout, corvina, tuna, marlin, salmon, cod, halibut, red fish, and many more.  To name a few of the lures that we have are:  Bomber wooden lures with a screw and Luxon line tie, Bomber plastic lures, Bomber plastic Waterdog lures, Buckeye Bait Company Mad Minno to name a few.  While we have counted all of the lures you see in the photos, we have tried to be accurate in the number of lures that we have.

 Hooks, Leader Material, Lead Weights And Sinkers, Split Shot, Trolling Flashers,

Trout Dodgers, Floats, Plastic and Foam Bubbles

For Bass Fishing, We Have Many:

Bomber Lures wooden with a screw and Luxon line tie, have 43, and several new in the box, boxed lures have the paper information sheet.

Bomber Lures - plastic in the box, have 4.

Bomber - plastic waterdog lures, have 13.

Hoochies, Maribou Jigs, Bucktail Jigs in many colors, Plastic Worms in many colors, Gitzit Plastic Jigs, Salty Dog, Dust Mop Flies, Bass Bug Flies, Heddon Bass Bug, Bass Flies, and loads of hooks, leader material, weights and more.

For Trout, Bass, and Other Fishing, We Have Many:

Rapala Lures in boxes and on the card you see in the photos, have 50 various sizes, and the majority of these are wooden lures, some plastic, and some in the box have the paper information sheet.

Flatfish lures, have 114 in various colors and sizes from small, medium to large.

Storm ThinFin Shad lures, have 62 in various colors and sizes from small, medium, to large, some new in original boxes.

Cotton Cordell Spot lures, have 18, 3 new in boxes.

Needlefish lures, have 95 in various colors and sizes from small, medium to large, some new in original boxes.

For Salmon Fishing, We Have Many:

Original Ken Reids Rip Tide and Striker lures, from Cowichan Bay, B.C., Canada.  Have 27 used lures, and 17 lures in original package with the weight varying from 145 grams to 28 grams.  These are used for jigging for Salmon.  Also, we have Lzonken Jigs, Buzz Bombs, Apex lures, Salmon Flies, and other lures.  Have many Abe and Al chrome flashers, along with colored flashers, leader material and salmon hooks.

For Albacore, Marlin, We Have Many Heavy Lures , And Feather Jigs:

Albacore Holiday Special lures, Salas jigs, Maverick Outlaw Chrome jigs, Rare handmade bone jigs for tuna - made in Japan by Compac, Roddy Built Jigs, Dandy Tuna and Bonita Jigs, Vintage wooden plugs, and over 25 assorted sizes of feather jigs, along with hooks and leader material.

With So Many Spinners, Wobblers, And Spoons, You Will See That We Have Too Many To List In The Amount, But Below Are The Lure Names Of Many That We Have:


Original Shoff's Tripple Teasers, Pixie Spoons, Vintage Heddon Hep #3 Spinner - Crankbait lures, Original Yakima Bait Wordens Rooster Tail Spinners, Abu Spinnaren Reflex Lures - Made in Sweden, Blue Fox Pixee spoons, Blue Fox Super Vibrax new and used, Acme Kastmaster, Acme Phoebe, Acme Wob-L-Rite, Acme Trophy Spoons, Acme Steel - Lee Hammered Spoons, Acme Kamlooper, Hopkins Stainless Steel Lures, new in package and used, Jake's Spin-A-Lure, Len Thompson Spoons in various colors, Made in Canada, Luhr Jensen Krocodile Lures, Super Duper Lures, Arnies Reflecto Lures, Arnies Dynamic Trolling Spoons, Arnies Silver Jeweled Lures, Arnies Rainbow Trout Lures, Arnies Whopper Lake Trolls, Eppinger Daredevil Lures, Panther Martin Lures, Worden's Walleye Rigs - Spin-N-Glo, Mack Lure Wedding Rings, Weller Gypsy King on original cards, Abu Garcia Toby Spoons, Abu Mac Dan Lures, James E. Clark from St. Petersburg, FL, Spoon Squid Lures, Famous Handmade Strawberry Wobblers, Famous Roy Carter Lures, Made by Rocky Mountain Lure Company in Orem, UT, new in package, these are hard to find and excellent on Strawberry Reservoir, Hico Lures, Vintage Spunno King, Vintage Mother Of Pearl Lures, Made in Japan by Compac, Star Lures in brass and red and white, Thomas Buoquant luers,  Pfueger Spoons, Russel Lures, Promise Keeper Lures, Sonic Bait Fish Lures, and from Rainbow Plastic Lure Company we have: Steelhead Specials, Humpy Spoons, Pot-O-Gold, and Flash Chrome lures.

From the photos above you will see many boxes of weights, leader material, hooks, floats, and so we are not listing the amount of each item, but we have a lot.

We have bags of bait rigs made up with light leader, and cheese and treble hooks ready to use for trout, and other fish.

Bags of leader material, Vintage Erwin Weller Leader in original package (18 to 20 pound), Allcock Hooks with Leaders - Made in England in original package, Cod rigs in original package, packages of steel leaders, many boxes and bags of assorted hooks, Mustad hooks, Eagle Claw hooks, stainless steel hooks, treble hooks, tube and flathead jig heads, large single hooks with leader material in various sizes, ball bearing snap swivels, quick clip snap swivels, barrel swivels, split rings, cigar snap swivels, nylon coated wire leaders.

Bags of split shot, and reusable split shot weights, egg sinkers, surf fishing triangle weights, bank lead sinkers, worm weights, casting weights, rubber grip lead sinkers, clam shot weights, keel weights, trolling sinkers, and more.

We have many A-Just-A Bubble Floats, plastic torpedo floats, clear plastic bubble floats for trout or other fish, along with many, Red and White Styrofoam Floating Poppers.

Luhr-Jensen Deep Six Diving Sinkers, many trolling rudders, worm harness silver and brass blades, Les Davis colored, chrome, and brass Dodgers, new in packages, and used in very good condition, Les Davis Cowbell's new in packages, and used, Dave Davis Hammered Flashers, Beer Can Flashers, large blade flashers, game fish bottom bouncers, Eger Beaver trolling spinners new in package, fin blades, Vintage Hildebrandt's Fin Blades in original paper package, Vintage AL Gower Mfg., Army Air Corp., Veteran 1939 - 1950 Blades in original package.

Tackle Boxes

This photo shows a rare Wooden Vintage Handcrafted Tackle Box Made By Ash Woodcraft in Hollywood, CA.  It has a leather handle and brass corners, it has some fishing tackle in it, mainly saltwater tackle, we used this for Albacore and Marlin fishing.

We have five plastic tackle boxes, each one of them has some tackle for fresh and saltwater, the orange divider tackle box has some tackle also, we used this for our bass fishing tackle.

Fishing Creels, Vests, And Nets

We have two fly vests, one size is small and one size is medium.  We have two Danielson Fishing Creels, and two hand fly fishing nets.  One of the nets is a Vintage 1950's Collapsible hand net, and the other is a hand net made in aluminum.  We have three other nets, one is a long handle bait net, one is a small aluminum net used for small fish, and the other one is a larger net with a collapsible handle that we used for salmon fishing.

Miscellaneous Items For Fishing Or To Be Used In A Boat.

Above you will see many additional items to be used in a boat, or off shore, listed below are the items.

On The TV Tray For Your Boat:

We have six Sea Anchors, medium to large size, we used these for trolling for trout when we wanted to slow down the speed of our boat.  Also you will see two rubber roller guides for a boat trailer, several boat tail lights for a trailer, rope and a float.  We have one blue square seat float cushion for a boat.  In the third photo you will see a round black metal trolling plate, we used this to slow down our boats, one with the 70 hp Mercury motor, and also used it on our 25 hp Johnson motor.  We have included an aerator for a bait tank, two wooden support blocks for supporting a 5 gallon gas tank in a boat.  Also we have two 12 volt large spot lights that we used in our boats for night fishing.

On The Wooden Table You Will See:

We have fifteen fish stringers of various lengths, a small anchor with a weight, several small minnow nets, plastic aprons, seven red hook removers, several knives and scissors, several stones to sharpen hooks, a compass, a worm threader, several bells for tying on the end of a rod when bait fishing from the shore.  Many reels and boxes of line, and two boxes of leaded line. Two rubber rod holders to mount on a wall to store fishing poles, a rattlesnake kit, and some metal clamps.

We have three scales to measure the weight of the fish, two are Vintage scales, one is Made in Germany, and one is Made in USA.

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