In My Yard

    My Name Is Dolly Paws. I am the new addition to the Paws family. After Daisy had passed away, Bill and Nancy were

    very sad and they said to themselves that they wanted another Maltese. I was only 3 months old when they got me, and

    I will now be part of their life as we travel and I see new and exciting things. My how time flies, I just celebrated my one

    year old birthday on April 14, 2004. 

    My Name Is Daisy Paws. I will take you on one of my many travel adventures that I have made in my Recreational

    Vehicle. But, first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Maltese, this is a toy breed of dog that some say 

    belonged to the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, and some also say that my breed actually began on the

    Island of Malta. The average weight is between 4 to 6 pounds, but I am a little heavier, you know how that goes when 

    you get a little older! I can have my hair grow as long as down to the floor, but my owners prefer to groom me to a

    shorter length. I have a black nose as well as black around my eyes. 

     My Name Is Lady II Paws. I am the second dog that Bill and Nancy have had. Since Bill and Nancy were still working

    when they got me, I have been on many adventures with them. While they were still working I mainly traveled with them

    as we took weekend trips or a week’s vacation to Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, Alaska,

    and Mexico. We were either fishing, water or snow skiing, hunting, backpacking, or just sightseeing. After they retired,

    we went full time RVing, I went from the West Coast to the East Coast, North and South on a Grand Tour of a lifetime.

    My Name Is Lady I Paws. I am Bill and Nancy’s first dog, I look like a Brittany Spaniel and that is why they named me

    Lady. I was a stray on a cold, rainy night when they found me and took me back to their home. They did not think at

    that time that they were going to have a dog, because they were just married. They had so many activities that they

    did that owning a dog might make it hard to travel. Luckily for me they did not find my owner, and I spend 10 years

    traveling with them from the West Coast to Mexico.   

About My "Human Parents," Bill And Nancy.  They have been married for over 50 years, and started camping with a

tent, then a station wagon, and then bought their first mini motor home. As retirement approached they knew that they would sell their house and go full-time RVing and that is where part of this story begins.

They have been traveling full-time in their RV for 20 years, they are seasoned travelers, and have been throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii. They enjoy all sports from water skiing, snow skiing, golfing, tennis, fishing, backpacking, riding their mountain bikes, and oh yes, also traveling and sightseeing. I was lucky enough to be able to see so many places with them and so I have many stories to tell you about. 

About The Five Of Us. Read about the five of us, the paws family that began in 1965 and continues today.  Pets are a part of our lives, and we have had many special trips with them.  One has been to the Northwest Territories, one to Tepic the capital of Nayarit state in western Mexico, and one traveling down Baji California Sur to Cabo San Lucas.

About Our Recreational Vehicle. I have been traveling around in a 1980 - 34 foot Silver Streak Travel Trailer pulled with a 1979, 1 Ton Ford Pickup Truck with a 8 foot custom build cab over camper. On top of the camper is a 15 foot Gregor aluminum boat along with a collapsible boat trailer. On the front of the truck is one of my favorite toys, my motorcycle and on the rear of the trailer is where our mountain bikes go. Talking about "taking it all with you"! There is so much to tell you about our RV, and how it was setup for full-time traveling and helpful hints.

How To Buy Your RV. Information about buying a recreational vehicle, do you want a travel trailer or a motor home.  How your lifestyle and your travels help you decide what works best for you.

How To Buy Your Camper. Information about buying a camper.  How we designed our camper for our needs, so that

we could take it all with us.

How To Buy Your Boat. We have owned three boats, when it came time to retire we knew we had to downsize so that

we could have a car top boat on top of the camper for fishing all over the country.

As you read about the places that we have been to during our marriage with our pets, you will soon realize that we traveled from the 1960s to 2000s.  When gas prices were cheap, RV parks were cheap, and you could almost go anywhere without reservations.

We are glad that we traveled during this time and saved many weeks of vacation time to allow us to drive the Alcan Highway to Alaska for six weeks, and to have traveled three times to Mexico.

As we returned to many place that we saw back then, we could see the changes with more people traveling to Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Zion National Park just to name a few.  Now in order to see these areas you have to plan ahead and make reservations, and wait to get into the parks, something that we did not have to do.

So go back in time and see the places we traveled to with our paws family, you won’t be disappointed.

 Where do you want to go, and what do you want to see! 

I will take you there, come travel with me!



Come and read all of my travel adventures, from North and South to East and West in our RV. I will even have a trip to Hawaii that my pet parents went on.


Come here to read about our tributes to our pets, and more information and photos about our trailer and other things that we sold. 


We have some of our favorite products here, with more items to come in the future.


We have great information here about the veterinary clinics that we found that took excellent care of our pets over the years to keep them healthy.  Also, some other information that you may like to read about.

I have so many stories to tell you about, so keep coming back to my web site, and soon you will see me traveling to Mt. Saint Helen's, Mt. Olympia and Yellowstone Park to name a few, 

as well as fishing some of my favorite spots in the West.

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