After Lady l passed away, Bill and Nancy knew that they needed another companion. When they had Lady l for over 10 years, the house seemed empty and so off they went in search of another pet.

A few weeks before Christmas, I saw them looking at me in the animal shelter, they seemed interested and I was hoping to go home with them that afternoon.  But, that would not happen, because I was a stray I would have to stay here for two weeks to see if my other pet parents could find me.  As I waited and waited to see their faces again, it was just after the new year that they came and got me.  As the story goes, they called the shelter to see if I was still there, and when they told them that I was there they were the first in line when the shelter opened at 8:00 AM to be the first one to grab me, yea!

Nancy dropped Bill off at work, and took a day off and brought me back to my new home, wow, it has a nice yard, and inside I see my new beds and toys, what a great life I will be having!  She gave me my first bath since I had been in the shelter, we had some food, and then I got to ride in the car to pick up Bill from work.

Come follow me on my trips from snow skiing in the Rockies to fishing in Alaska, I have seen it all!

Snowing In The Rockies

Fall In Vermont

Vancouver Island - 50th Parallel

Nancy And Me On The Brandywine River In Pennsylvania

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