I was born last year on Mother's Day, May 14, 2017 in Yucca Valley, California.  My parents are Sire: GCH CH SEREN-I-T'S JOHNNY JUMP UP, and Dam: MARLEES HELLO DOLLY II.

My story of how I got to become a new member of the "PAWS FAMILY," started with a dream that Nancy had.  After Hello Dolly had passed away on April 17, 2017, Bill and Nancy decided that they would wait a while to get another dog, and maybe not even get another one as we all know that loosing a wonderful pet is a very hard thing to go through.

A year later in February 2018, Nancy had a dream that she and Bill found another Maltese and they were trying to think of names for the new addition to their family.  This started Nancy on a journey to find another dog, they went to their local humane society and called breeders listed on the AKC website for Maltese available in Arizona and California.  They found that there is a waiting list from many breeders as Maltese liters are small and that females go quickly.

Nancy called the same breeder that they got "Hello Dolly," from 14 years ago, and Martha said that she has a female that will be giving birth around the end of March.  Bill and Nancy asked Martha to call when the puppies were born so that they could get one. 

Nancy's dream is coming true with some twist and turns and fate deciding that I would be the one to come home to the "PAWS FAMILY."

With the birth of four puppies available, and the estimated time of availability at 3 months old would be in June, this gave them time for my new parents to get things ready for me to come home.  When Dolly had passed away all of her beds, toys, food, and many other items were donated to their local humane society last year, so this met new beds and toys for me!

As they were getting ready for a new puppy, Martha called to say that one of the small female puppies had passed away even with hand feeding and special care, one did not make it.  This is where fate took over as Martha said that she had a special female that she started to show at 6 and 9 months old at the various dog shows in Southern California.  She said that she decided that she did not want to put me through the showing environment although I won some points and ribbons and that she would be looking for a good home for me.  Nancy and Bill said, "YES" and my new adventure began.

As they say, things are met to be and because Nancy and Bill decided to wait before thinking about another companion this is fate and it was met to happen.

My official AKC registered name is "MARLEES CHATTY CATHY," and as you remember I said that my mother's name is "HELLO DOLLY II," and that Nancy and Bill got "MARLEES HELLO DOLLY," 14 years ago from Martha makes my story even better.

Remember that "HELLO DOLLY," was born on April 14th, 2003, and my birthday is May 14, 2017, another twist of fate, and when "HELLO DOLLY," passed away on April 17, 2017, I came home to my new family on April 9, 2018.

As Nancy and Bill followed their dream, they had decided on a new name for me, it would be "KRYSTAL."  At the time, they did not know that they were getting me, and so my name was already given to me, and my showing days would soon come to an end.

As Nancy and Bill drove up to Yucca Valley, California to pick me up on April 9th, a car passed them and on the license plate it read "CRYSTAL," a different way of spelling my name but it met that all of this was met to be, as they say.

As Nancy and Bill walked into Martha's house, I was put in Nancy's arms and it was special.  Martha was very sad as we went to the car to drive home to Yuma, but she knew that I would be in a good place, just like "HELLO DOLLY," was.

Nancy sends Martha photos of me, running and playing in the back yard, and I know that she would be happy that I am in a place where I belong; it was met to be!

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