Here we are on a cool windy day at Yellowstone Falls in Yellowstone National Park, what a view!

Bill and Nancy have been married for 35 years and have traveled and enjoyed all sports. They met at a ski club event and have skied throughout the western states, back when ski lift tickets were just $8.00 a day! They also enjoy cross-country skiing as well. Some of their others activities include fishing, hunting, water skiing, golfing, tennis, bike riding and yes, traveling!

Years ago they began camping in a station wagon and then moved up to a small mini-motor home. The Lazy Daze mini was only 16 feet long, but they traveled the country with it until a roll-over accident happened and wiped out the mini, but that did not discourage them from traveling, a month after the accident they went out looking and bought another 19 foot Lazy Daze. They traveled the Alcan highway back in the 70's as well as Baja, Mexico to Cabo San Lucas, and two trips to the mainland of Mexico. During that time Lady Paws I and Lady Paws II traveled with them and will have many stories to tell you about.

As the years have passed some of their activities have gotten to be too expensive (especially after retiring). They retired their snow, and water skis, but yes, they still have their skis and talk about going up to the snow to ski again. But then when winter comes, they say to themselves, do we really want to go back to the cold, and then reality sets in and they say, let's stay here where it's warm and sunny in Arizona for the winter, and play golf, ride bikes, fish and play tennis.

Bill and Nancy retired in 1980, they sold their house in Los Angeles, California, and bought their 1980 Silver Streak trailer, camper, and boat. They spent 7 months outfitting all their gear and headed out on their trip of a lifetime. They went 20,000 miles in 10 months driving the Trans-Canada highway to the east coast, down and back to California in time to go skiing. They stayed at 87 different camping spots, covering 33 states, and 9 Canadian providence's, they will have Lady Paws II tell you about this adventure.

We have always traveled, just the three of us in our RV, we like to be flexible to go where we want to and not have a time schedule, others prefer RV Clubs and groups and that's all right.

Several years ago Bill and Nancy decided to try hosting at a campground in Utah. They never wanted to be committed to have to leave early to travel up to the mountains in May, but they did. Daisy was on the "pet patrol" and I rode in my basket that was mounted on Bill's bike as we patrolled the campground, this was a lot of fun. Then, Bill and Nancy decided to operate a store and marina at the same spot for the concessionaire, this job called for longer hours and they did this for three years. Then, they decided to be flexible again, so the following summer we traveled over 5,000 miles going to new places and visiting old places that we saw back in the 80's and 90's. It was a good trip, and I will tell you more about it later.

I think that I have told you about Bill and Nancy and their enthusiasm for traveling, so let's get started, select a spot that you want to visit, I promise you that you won't be disappointed!

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