Lady I and Nancy in Mexico - 1969

As you have read about Lady I, you will remember that we found her as a stray in 1965 at a clubhouse where we were having our ski club meeting.  

She adapted well with our life style of traveling from snow and water skiing, to backpacking, fishing, hunting, and many other outings.

She had three trips to Mexico, from the mainland to Baja, and she saw many sights.

More stories will come in the future about her, so sit tight and you will see the places that she traveled to with us.

Lady I and Nancy in Mexico

with a Sailfish in 1969

Lady I and Bill camping in the snow in Aspen, Cororado

Lady I and Bill, backpacking in

the High Sierras, Calif.


Lady II was our second pet, and while we were still working we took many trips in the West just like Lady I. She traveled with us on a six-week trip to Alaska in 1978, and we drove the Alcan Highway’s 1000 miles of dirt roads. This trip has many photos and will be coming later. We knew that we may never get back to the area so we covered it well. You will see a photo below of Lady II and Bill at the Famous Watson Lake Sign Post Forest, they have over 77,000 signs from all over the world. 

Lady II’s travels really began when we retired and went on “Our Grand Tour,” a 8 month trip, with over 20,000 miles covering 33 states, 9 Canadian Provinces, and 90 different campsite.  This was our trip in a lifetime, and it will be told at a later day with over 100 photos.

After that long trip, we spent three summers on Vancouver Island fishing for salmon and cod.  We ate a lot of salmon, cod, and crabs.  Then our last summer we took the truck and camper and got on the Canadian State Ferry system and went up the Inland passage to Prince Rupert and then boarded the Alaska State Ferry Inside Passage Route to Skagway.  We got off at many ports and explored the islands, and then boarded the ferry to continue north.

Several years later we decided to travel the Central States, the one’s that we missed on our “Grand Tour.”  It was on that trip that she passed away in Montana from Pancreatic cancer.  So Bill and Nancy continued this trip without a companion by their sides.

Lady II and Bill at Watson Lake Sign Post in 1978.

In the snow in 

Aspen, Colorado.

Duck Hunting at Wister Wildlife

Refuge Area

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