April 14, 2003 to April 17, 2017


Our wonderful "Dolly," has been with us for over 14 years.  She was very healthy until she developed congestive heart failure two years ago.  With the excellent help from our vet, Dr. Laura Millikan at her practice at Arizona West Veterinary Clinic in Yuma, Arizona she took care of "Dolly," until the end.

Over the years, our big trips all over the country became less and less, we eventually decided to sell the trailer and keep the truck, camper, and boat, and traveled to our local fishing spots along the Colorado River.

Dolly loved the camper and boat and traveled well, and like Daisy she also loved to ride on our motorcycle and in her basket on the front of Bill's bike.

Like all of our other pets, they adapted well to our lifestyle, and since we do not know if we will find another companion right now, we will always have our precious memories of every companion that we have had.

When it was time to say goodbye to "Dolly," because we did not want to see her in any pain, and when she could not walk anymore it came time to make this decision.  We drove her to our vet and after some tests it was determined that she did not have long to live and so we made the hard decision to let her go.

Dr. Laura put "Dolly," in a beautiful comforter and gave her the final injection and she was asleep and in peace.  Like our other pets, she was cremated and we have her next to our other dogs in our home. Here is a link to Arizona West Veterinary Clinic.

Below are photos of "Dolly," in the camper, going fishing, celebrating her Birthday, Christmas, and getting spoiled.

 In Our Boat Along The Colorado River In Yuma, AZ

In Our Camper, and Me With My Toys, and At Christmas Time

Me With More Toys

"Hello Dolly" Rest In Peace

A tribute to wonderful Dolly.

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