My story begins back in December, 1987, when I was born in Los Angeles, California. I had a brother, and a sister, and we played together till each one of us got adopted. I can remember people coming over looking at all of us, picking us up and trying to decide which one to take, this was when I was twelve weeks old. I got my first look at my new "human parents" Bill and Nancy back in January, 1988. They were so nice, they picked me up and cuddled me in their arms, not wanting to let go of me. A few minutes later I knew that I would soon be a part of their family. Oh, what a joy!

They gave me a big hug and a kiss and said, "Don't worry they would be back to pick me up in a week." I was disappointed that I could not go with them but later found out why. The week went by slowly, and I kept looking for them to come, and then to my surprise they arrived! Oh boy, "I am going home I said to myself." As Bill and Nancy picked me up they explained to me that I had to stay with my pet parents, because they had booked a trip to Hawaii several months earlier before they knew that they were going to adopt another pet. You see as Bill and Nancy were traveling during the summer of 1987, their dog Lady Paws II passed away, it was a hard time for them losing Lady but they continued on their trip and returned 6 months later and found me. I will be following in Lady Paws I and Lady Paws II paw prints as I travel with them in our RV. Anyway, they did take their trip to Hawaii since that was there last state to visit. They now have been in every State, Canadian providence, and Mexico.

Bill and Nancy carried me out to a big truck with a camper on top and put me in a new bed with toys around for me to play with, and we were on our way. Our first stop was to visit Bill's parents in Long Beach, California, but before we got there we stopped at a veterinarian so that I could get my first series of puppy shots. I was a little nervous seeing all the people at their house but soon became sleepy (because of the shots) and fell asleep in my new bed. The next morning it was off to see Bill's son, Bill, and his wife, and their big dog "Brandy."

Nancy and Me

We drove to San Diego, where I was to have my first encounter with a "big" dog named "Brandy." We met and touched noses, but Bill and Nancy thought it was best to keep us separated since I was so small and only had my first series of puppy shots. We had a nice visit and then left for a long drive to Yuma, Arizona where I was to see for the first time my new home on wheels, a 34 foot travel trailer.

As I look back on my life of traveling all over the country, I want to share with you my joys and experiences over the past 13 years, so if I ramble on and on it's because I am trying to recall all my adventures and it maybe that I am really 91 years old in dog years!